Succession law is a branch of civil law that can prove to be complex, given the many legal, tax, and emotional factors involved. Attorney Julie Achouil, based in Lyon, possesses a wealth of experience in the field of succession law. She understands how crucial it is to be guided by a competent individual to smoothly navigate this stage of life.

Succession Settlement

Whether you are faced with a simple succession or a complex international succession, Attorney Julie Achouil is here to help you. Her experience and expertise will be invaluable in resolving succession disputes, managing administrative procedures, or understanding tax implications.

Advice on Succession Law

Whether you need help preparing your will, understanding your rights as an heir, or navigating the complexities of succession law, Attorney Julie Achouil, based in Lyon, is here to advise you. Her knowledge of succession law in Lyon enables her to provide precise and responsive service.

Succession Disputes

Disagreements within a family following a death are unfortunately common. In such cases, the intervention of an attorney like Julie Achouil can be invaluable. She can help resolve conflicts related to the succession in a peaceful and respectful manner, while ensuring the protection of each party's rights.

Attorney in succession law in France

Attorney Julie Achouil, your lawyer in estate law in France

Choosing Attorney Julie Achouil means choosing a dedicated and experienced lawyer to assist you with the legal challenges associated with estate matters. Whether you are based in Lyon or abroad, you can count on her expertise to guide you through estate law in Lyon.

With a personalized approach for each client, she is committed to providing a comprehensive service, including quality legal assistance, clear communication, and unwavering dedication to your interests.

Do not hesitate to contact her for any questions regarding estate law in Lyon. Attorney Julie Achouil is here to help you navigate this delicate period with serenity and confidence

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